Saturday, December 8, 2012

Updates, news and other pretty things!

So much to talk about!  First, many thanks to all of you that have sent all the good wishes and prayers to our family!  I am a lucky girl and I feel so warm and fluffy inside knowing that all that good energy really gave our family strength and a sense of normality .  The good news is that my husband is doing much better and our family is ready for new adventures and wonderful challenges.  We would be heading to warm and sunny weather in California in a few months!  I am really excited about this news but a little sad to leave so many friends behind. I will also continue my business through the web and many shows that I am looking forward to be part of. 
Also last but most important,  I am writing a book!!!  I will keep you posted as I am progressing and allowed to say more, but I AM SO EXCITED!

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