Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sunny and Bright

We're feeling fresh at Bloomsbury Loft with all the new merchandise.
And it always helps when we can leave the door open and see the sun shining through the windows.

The sweetest little girl in the shop yesterday found a place to enjoy the day while her mom shopped. She is adorable in the wagon!

Okay, you heard it here and if your smart you'll stop in soon to see these awesome new bookshelves we are offering at the store. This one has already sold on it's first day at the shop.
The workmanship and color choices are great. Very similar to the Main Cottage feel without the high price tag.

Lemon, periwinkle, tomato.....colors that bring life to your space

Fabrics old and new everywhere, and we've added the oil cloth that is so popular for spring and summer. Tablecloths, place mats, chair pads....

Daisy's are such happy flowers..
and these are from a pair of vintage earrings made new again.

New styles of graphic tees....Peace Please

Beth bought these coffee sacks from Eric at the Music Cafe....We found a new use for them as pillows. They look great with our "Bloomsbury Flower" Okay, they are not very practical to actually use as a pillow...(rough and they shed a little) but to just sit and look pretty they are perfect. And they're recycled....and that's always a good thing.

Have a good day!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

New Spring Classes

Classes are open and we have some great projects to offer those who like to do it themselves.

Circus Flags
We've been making these circus flags for the store and all of our events. They are such a fun way to celebrate. And they look great as an ornament for outdoor umbrellas.
Make your own using some of your own fabrics mixed with whatever you can find in the shop. We'll have an assortment of vintage an new to choose from.
Date: Saturday, March 28th 11:00-1:00
Cost: $24.00

Initial Pillow

Another pillow class.......this one with your favorite initial. This is a great project.
Class fee includes 1 yd. of designer fabric plus letter and an 18" x 18" down/feather pillow form.
Our last pillow class was a great success...don't miss this one.

Denim Revival

Add new life to an old jean jacket with some of our favorite finds.
Vintage patches, buttons, ribbon.....lots of treasures to choose from.
A great "new" old jacket for spring

Cost: $18.00 includes variety of vintage and new finds for your jacket.
Date- To be announced

Monday, March 16, 2009

What being green means to me

As I was looking in my garden today,
I saw my sweet baby lambs ear peeking back at me....
giving me a renewed and uplifted energy.

Spring in a jar, my seedlings are all planted and bathing in the sunlight.
And check out my favorite new area in my haus...inspired by made by girl (my new obsession).

The desk has love written in all languages.

Recycle, reuse and re purpose...that is our store's philosophy and at the Richman's house too.
Who said being green couldn't be stylish?

My husband's latest gift to of course.
Shouldn't we all live what we love...(i do)

Lucy agreed she's on board wit her commitment of being green too..


Friday, March 13, 2009

Signs of spring

It was sunny today....although a bit chilly, but it's starting to look like spring is on it's way.
A few new displays that added a little bit is sunshine to the shop.

What about this great new pillow?
How about taking a class to make one with your favorite initial.

The flowers out of tin cans look great in my soap display.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Another Bloomsbury a go go.....

We had so much fun working with Amy Parrish as she prepared for the open house to celebrate her new photography studio.

It was easy to dress up the table for the sweets. So pretty!

Her studio is a beautiful loft in the short north with high ceilings,

lots of windows and beautiful color.

Amy wanted to warm up the studio for this Saturday afternoon party and Bloomsbury Loft was excited to be a part of it. We brought circus flags, linens, platters and vintage serving pieces to brighten up the serving areas.

These "fresh" flowers were perfect for the stair well.

And Jenkins was so funny........

He wanted to be in the middle of everything.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Our Favorite new piece!

This awesome vintage sofa has been transformed from old and tired to chic and dramatic.
We bought it last season at the Powell Street market, knowing it had potential for something special.

After tearing into it at the store one night, we decided we should seek professional help.
But instead of going the traditional route, (which we couldn't afford) and finding an upholsterer....we took a class and did it ourselves.
Now we have a great new piece and the motivation to find another.
The key is going to be getting one of the "sweet" staplers....
I'm looking for a good deal on one.

The class was at Fabric Farms in Hilliard.
Three weeks 2 nights a week and it's finished.
And it was so fun.

Danny is the instructor for these classes.
He is a great teacher. Funny, sarcastic,( in a good way) and very patient.
Love that in a teacher!
And of course, every good class has snacks. I made sure to make that a requirement.

It's definitely some hard work. And very annoying when something goes wrong and it has to be ripped out and re-done. But and good challenge. Love a challenge, especially when it has a happy ending. We're ready for our next project.

And to make the project even sweeter....we also found this fabric at a flea market.
Made in Italy, a beautiful combination of raspberry and red damask.
We thought the black and white hounds tooth was a great compliment to this fabric.
Are we crazy or is it awesome.....
yes, I agree, It's awesome!


Sunday, March 1, 2009

Bloomsbury Studio goes to the classroom!

This is how you start a good class!
Oreos and Milk. Yummy!

Ready, set, go....
Our students were excited and eager to get started. They mixed fabrics from our collection to create their own one of a kind pillow. We even went a little crazy and added Bloomsbury flowers to most of them. It was a great morning. Just enough space for everyone and a tray of supplies for each student. (sissors, tape measure and a pretty pin's the little things that make it special)

Our first pillow class!

If I may say so myself, it was a joy!

Everyone had a great handmade treasure when they left and had a lot of fun doing it

and that's what it's all about.