Monday, June 22, 2009

On the way and back!

First you see my favorite door in my way to Gina's, I love the shape the color, the history that it speaks by itself. This is what I called a well raised home! Then there's Gina's farm house sign, Maple Wood how sweet that sounds! And finally this is the front of her barn while getting ready for opening night, this was a great sale full of pretty things and talented local artists and crafters. Thank you Gina, we love it!
Then in my way back, a flat tire try to spoil my fun, but I found the silver lining, after waiting for an hour for my tow truck service I decided to stop looking at the watch and just entertain myself, listening to my favorite book, I felt better instantly and then there it was 2 1/2 hours later help came to my rescue. I also discovered that a tire would also make a wonderful memo board :}, don't you think?
And finally home sweet home a long week full of rain, speeding tickets, and a flat tire but also and even better it was full of fun, good friends a great sales! So who's complaining, I am a very lucky girl.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

The little Barn that could!

This is the not so little barn of my friend Gina, or the really good interpretation of artist Beka Ash, isn't this just so cool and if you visit this place you will be amaze of the vibe in this picture. Koodos to Gina for this great sale, it's being awesome. We are almost done, today is the last day and although we are soooo tire, my feet just don't want to stop. I can't help it this is to much fun.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Powell Farmer's Market

The Powell Farmer's Market is off and running. Flowers, veggies and cheeses are only the beginning.
The farmers set up their goodies every Thursday afternoon from 4:00-6:00 here in town.

I bought some yummy cheese and combined it with these plump fresh, it felt like summer.

There were even a few artists with beautiful pieces to bring the "sunshine" in. Susie Lowder's original artwork is full of the freshness of a summer day.
As the summer progresses and gardens grow, we're expecting that this farmer's market will be overflowing with goodies.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

YouTube - Becoming Ethel Jayne

Take a peek at this, this is handmade revolution, I love this girl's work philosophy. More things to come about her work, keep watching....
YouTube - Becoming Ethel Jayne

Bloomsbury Loft joins ventures with The Home Girl Event!

This are big news! Gina's new logo is here. We are so excited for her. The big event is coming, the 62nd tour of Homes and Gardens in Hudson, this event takes place on the week of June 17th through the 20th. And Gina will feature her annual Barn sale at her beautiful home in Hudson and we are so happy to be part of it. Bloomsbury Loft will join Gina with a beautiful mix of Bloomsbury style and Home Girl flair. You can't miss this awesome sale, her finds are just dreamy and unexpected. I love how we are drawn to the same vintage things that give the modern home a personal style and as Gina will put it "this are the things that make your story".
I had the pleasure of taking a peek at her barn last week and what a treat, it is so amazing what she has done with the space, I love every inch of it. So plan ahead and I promise you that this is one you will enjoy. Take a tour of the pretty town of Hudson and visit this sale and many other events the town has to offer this weekend. We will keep you posted with more details and feel free to call with any questions. We are full of excitement to be able to share this with our good friend.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

I present you the new Bloomsbury athlete....

Our very own Karla ran in the Powell Spring 5k Race! Way to go Karla. We are so proud of you! Keep it up! I feel the need of buying running shoes and go very fast running to the cupcake store, will that qualify me as an athlete?

What a week!

Oh yes, wide load is what I had on my trip to Hudson last Friday. I had so much fun visiting with my old friend and former Bloomsbury girl, and now Home Girl, Gina Bishop. I was so lucky to visit on the day that this fabulous barn sale was having it's preview. I was in heaven, the goodies were left and right I was so lucky to share this day with Gina it was so refreshing. Thank you Gina for sharing this treasures with me. And to everyone keep your eyes open in the next few days we will have a preview of Gina's own Barn Sale, you should not miss this one, on the week of June 17th to the 20th.
Attention everyone move out of the way, we are taking over the barn, and it's final!

And my sweet Fritz is enjoying one of my treasures, oh this boy loves textiles as much as his mama!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

School's Out

Summer is such a relaxing time of year.

Enjoy meals outdoors with family and friends.

Pick fresh flowers for the table.

Bike ride around the neighborhood

And go on some road trips.
How fun to get in the "van" and just leave town for a weekend away.
Summer leaves open so many possibilities.