Monday, June 22, 2009

On the way and back!

First you see my favorite door in my way to Gina's, I love the shape the color, the history that it speaks by itself. This is what I called a well raised home! Then there's Gina's farm house sign, Maple Wood how sweet that sounds! And finally this is the front of her barn while getting ready for opening night, this was a great sale full of pretty things and talented local artists and crafters. Thank you Gina, we love it!
Then in my way back, a flat tire try to spoil my fun, but I found the silver lining, after waiting for an hour for my tow truck service I decided to stop looking at the watch and just entertain myself, listening to my favorite book, I felt better instantly and then there it was 2 1/2 hours later help came to my rescue. I also discovered that a tire would also make a wonderful memo board :}, don't you think?
And finally home sweet home a long week full of rain, speeding tickets, and a flat tire but also and even better it was full of fun, good friends a great sales! So who's complaining, I am a very lucky girl.

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