Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Bloomsbury Studio is open

We have the sign up sheets going and the classes will be lots of fun. Simple sewing projects that keep you wanting more. I worked on these "sweet" patchwork handbags all day yesterday..........I just couldn't stop. I finished one and had to start on another with a different combination of fabrics. It's just too fun!!

And we've all been on a roll with pillow making. Having all these awesome fabrics in the store just makes you want to get your hands on them and spread them around.
Judith and Beth have even caught the sewing fever....the both went out and bought sewing machines, and have been on a crazy sewing frenzy. I guess that's what happens when it's cold and just feels good to stay in with a nice project and make something beautiful.

Class sizes will be small, our space is only so big but we'll make the best of it. These classes will be under $45.00 and everything you need is included. Plus we're planning on giving lots of attention and just having fun.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Come in where it's warm...

The work room is coming along nicely.......don't you think?

Thanks in part to Zoe (beth's husband) for finding this awesome work bench and lugging it to the store for us...not an easy task.

We love you for that Zoe! Thank you...Thank you

You gotta love a man who's on the look out for good treasures for the store, and it was just the right

We're all about color at Bloomsbury Loft and the arrival of our new fabrics are just making us giddy.
Now we'll get busy using those new fabrics, in addition to some vintage favorites, to cover chairs, make pillows and whatever else we can to spread the love.

I know what the weather is like outside.... but here at the shop, it's sunny and warm.

Come and enjoy!

We will be making many simple pillows with a combination of fabrics,

old and new, for sale and as examples for our upcoming pillow class.

Our mailing should be reaching your mailbox soon.

Spread the word !

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Fun at the shop with Sam

I had the pleasure of Sam's company and help at the shop today. (i.e. everyone in the family had plans and he was stuck at the store with me for the day) But he was a big help.

He's great on the sewing machine. It only took a few trys and his stitch to be nice and straight.

And the best part of all he shoveled the walk and the front of the store like a pro........thank you Sam....You're the best!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Sew perfectly not perfect...

What a beautiful day to stay in and sew.
It snowed all day long.....
On Jan 1st. (my birthday) I started cutting, cutting and cutting until I had enough little 5x5 squares for the top layer of my quilt. And, of course, I used my Amy Butler scrapes.
This will look great in the store for the trunk show.

I've had the top piece done and have been trying to figure out what to do with the back. I wanted to use a vintage blanket to really mix the vintage meets modern theme.

I ended up using a cotton/ chennile piece but decided it needed a little more excitment. I added the dots for fun. It looks pretty good but it turned out to be a huge pain.

And I have to's definately not perfect but it's just right for me. It was fun and I didn't stress over making it perfect. I just don't like to ruin a project worrying about perfection.

I love it..... Maybe we can add this to our class list.
It really is not hard once you see how it's done. ~karla

Monday, January 12, 2009

A Couple of Beth's Favorite Things

When the girls told me to find some of my favorite things around my house, I became overwhelmed. I mead how do you pick!? Then I focused in on the simple, small things that greet me daily and make me feel special.

Every mother had what I call a "mission control center. Her life's schedule for that week or month. It can be anywhere, on the fridge, in a daily planner or for the much more advanced mom....on her Blackberry. Mine comes in my over sized kitchen blackboard. It keeps me on point and on time...sort of.
This hand sewn dish cloth (make by karla) makes doing dishes....( well, let's admit...there's nothing good about doing dishes) but if I have to....this little dish cloth makes me feel "cute". And this little tumbler that was part of a gift from Judith and Karla for my birthday last year. Although I don't drink out of it, it has a more important job of holding my fresh herbs. And those little red birds send me right over the edge...too cute. This also reminds me that the biggest and best gifts are often quite small.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

We're counting down the days

The preparations have begun.......we're painting and cleaning and CLEARING. We have sale prices on many of our pieces that need a new home. And will leave us room for new treasures.

We're giving a lot of thought to which patterns and fabrics to order from Amy's collection. And of course, books. If you would like to reserve your copy of Amy's book please do so. We have started a list at the store.

What a great time of year to get into a wonderful project. We're diving right in and putting together a class schedule of great projects that we will offer. Easy and fun pillows, dishtowels and paper projects. Creativity really blossoms in that kind of environment. For those of you keeping up with our blog..........please share the news.