Monday, January 12, 2009

A Couple of Beth's Favorite Things

When the girls told me to find some of my favorite things around my house, I became overwhelmed. I mead how do you pick!? Then I focused in on the simple, small things that greet me daily and make me feel special.

Every mother had what I call a "mission control center. Her life's schedule for that week or month. It can be anywhere, on the fridge, in a daily planner or for the much more advanced mom....on her Blackberry. Mine comes in my over sized kitchen blackboard. It keeps me on point and on time...sort of.
This hand sewn dish cloth (make by karla) makes doing dishes....( well, let's admit...there's nothing good about doing dishes) but if I have to....this little dish cloth makes me feel "cute". And this little tumbler that was part of a gift from Judith and Karla for my birthday last year. Although I don't drink out of it, it has a more important job of holding my fresh herbs. And those little red birds send me right over the edge...too cute. This also reminds me that the biggest and best gifts are often quite small.

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Anonymous said...

I love the blackboard idea!

Hmm ..... (plots)