Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Works of art in my heart!

Kris's Vintage Cameo Beauty!

Susan's Steam Punk Chic!

And Wendy's Love Letter!
This is our gallery of the promising student's,
the class of January 26th!
Hopefully I will have more luck with my old camera the next time!

Your Majesty please, time to have fun!

Our classroom was blooming last night! The pretty table ready and full of many goodies to choose from, just waiting for our students to arrive.
My three new friends, Susan(birthday girl), Krissy and Wendy celebrated Susan's birthday by dining and then heading to Bloomsbury Loft for cupcakes from Pink Moon (yum) and a Found Treasure Necklace class. They nurture their creative souls by creating this fun necklace.
It is always a joy to watch others loving to play as much as we do!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Special friends

Princess Ella,
a new Bloomsbury friend.
Such a cutie!!

We have so many special friends at Bloomsbury Loft.
Great customers that completely lift our spirits with all their excitement about the shop.
Thank you for keeping us motivated to show how special we are.
(some days it's a real challenge to see the beauty)
We love your visits and encouragement.
It just makes us so happy to have your support.
Thank you, Thank you
Check out our new class schedule and spend an evening creating with us.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Looking for Inspiration

Yes, the porch is filled with snow, but that didn't stop us from putting out the colorful fabrics,
pillows, tablecloths...anything we could find to brighten things up.
We've been moving things around and looking for inspiration to start creating beautiful new handmades....and it usually begins with fabric.

Inspiration can definately be found in these old issues of Home Companion. One of the best magazines ever, so sad it's no longer available. But the bottle carrier is a perfect storage for it!

What a beautiful combination. The graphic tees, Judith's awesome frames made with vintage wallpaper and my new drawstring bags.
It is a true representation of vintage meeting modern.
It's been a good day!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Cabin Fever thoughts !

This are a few of my favorite things! First picture: vintage wallpaper, Oh how I adore vintage wallpaper! Then mix them with the painted lace frames and voila, pretty funky wallart. What else could I possibly want, oh I know, time to play!!!
I also like to share the basket full of wallpaper and fabrics,some are new and some are old but they all look so good together, what to do? So many projects so litle time!
And that is a little peek I wanted to share with you, now I will head back to my studio, for some good fun work!
Keep checking our blog our new class schedule will be posted by Friday Jan. 14th, I promise!
We will be posting pictures with samples from most of our classes
and many other great additions coming soon! ... Judith...

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Beginnings

Hoping you had a wonderful holiday and a Happy New Year.
Time to start the new year fresh and organized. We've consolidated all the holiday goodies,and marked them down for quick sale.
It's time to see what we have, decide what we need and get moving on re-arranging and creating new inspired spaces. (in our homes too)

Fresh displays and our class schedule are first on the Bloomsbury to-do list. It's a perfect time of year to learn something new, and enjoy the process of creating.
Time to get to work.