Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Cabin Fever thoughts !

This are a few of my favorite things! First picture: vintage wallpaper, Oh how I adore vintage wallpaper! Then mix them with the painted lace frames and voila, pretty funky wallart. What else could I possibly want, oh I know, time to play!!!
I also like to share the basket full of wallpaper and fabrics,some are new and some are old but they all look so good together, what to do? So many projects so litle time!
And that is a little peek I wanted to share with you, now I will head back to my studio, for some good fun work!
Keep checking our blog our new class schedule will be posted by Friday Jan. 14th, I promise!
We will be posting pictures with samples from most of our classes
and many other great additions coming soon! ... Judith...

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