Friday, July 23, 2010

We miss you, come and visit us .....

The perfect vacation spot but it is also the perfect show site! It is Lakeside, Ohio and Karla has taken her Bella Studio on the road all the way to "dream land" and their annual Arts and Craft show. Oh I wish I was there, should I set a Bloomsbury camp there for the rest of the summer? Hey, a girl can dream!
We are doing a few shows this weekend and we are very excited to get in the groove of things once again! We have been creating new things and preparing for this new adventure and it just feels great. Beth and I will be at the Powell Street Market on Sunday so just come and pay us a visit, we love to see our customers in our Powell hometown once again!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

No news is good news!

So we do not have the big news yet, but it is getting closer. So it turned out that relocating our 5 year old business was a little more complicated than we had anticipated but we now that the end results are worth all the work! We are really working very hard with floor planning, buying new products, did I mentioned new logo? Yes, new logo and we are loving it! And of course the Country Living Fair! I can't believe that it is around the corner.
This is the most exciting thing that we have experienced in a very long time, I am getting up every day and feel full of excitement with a lot of gratefulness in my heart. I love every day and what it brings. Your emails are great and they fuel our creative mojo!
So keep sending those emails and keep checking our blog. In the next few days we will be posting photos of our progress and we will give you peaks to our new plans!
And check out the story at This Week News! and Columbus Alive!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

just a few more days in powell



We still have some good pieces that need a new home....
This desk is solid and huge!
Would be so hard to move... only $100.00

Sold ....

Friday, July 2, 2010

More goodies...

Chairs at $10
Vintage Vogue Collage $49

Wicker table $75, 1930's settee is $250

Awesome Vintage Desk $100 --Sold

Thursday, July 1, 2010

..and the sale begins!

Here are some sale items...... Wallpaper Dresser only $100 --Sold
Awesome retro sofa $399--Sold

Number canvas $2.50 ea.

Island w/chalkboard top $65 , WoW!
...25% off on selected fabric patterns, 30% off Amy Butler Patterns, Company C Rug orders from 25% off to 40% off on selected patterns,
35% off on selected Chandler Bedding in stock. Sale ends on July 10th!
I know many of you would like to have a little piece of Bloomsbury Loft, so do not miss the sale and if you would like to keep in touch, come by and sign up to receive our newsletters. So many years in this community makes it bittersweet to go. We will be missing our bussiness community as retailers but we will keep supporting our friends and collegues from the community we love. Karla and I live here so you will still see us around and Beth is not so far either since home is Delaware. We are very excited with our new plans and would like to thank all of you for your support and great emails. Keep them coming we need all the cheerleaders available!!!