Thursday, July 31, 2008

The fun market days!

Lemonade and then....

The find of the day! This will be beautiful when we are done!

Here we are at The Collection, this is the place for nice upholstered and beautiful one of kind finds. I love Ann and her Mom they really know beauty. Hanging in the wall is an old Lazarus mural.
Oh, I feel the nostalgia coming!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Are we ready for the Sunday Market?!

Y- E- S !

As promised, pictures of our first event planning, oh so fun!

We had a beautiful party with Stephanie and Sophia.

This is so sweet..... Sophia is a Valentine Baby, Sophia Valentina
she's a cutie pie...

....the oh so proud Grandma-ma (she looks way too young to be a grandma...) and their lovely friends !

Monday, July 14, 2008

Lemonade anyone?

Amy Parrish is our photographer, she is an amazing artist. We are blessed with talented friends, they loved us and we love them back :)
Our friend Stacey, enjoying our outdoors, she is so pretty! She is also a graphic designer helping with the look of our new logo. I am telling you we are so lucky.

Bloomsbury Loft goes a planning!

We had a party!

We had fun!

Then, we had an idea...

Bloomsbury Loft is now offering a new service. You have a party and we stage your party for you. We bring china and glassware, platters,pedestals, linens and of all sorts of pretties. We decorate with pillows,rugs, chandeliers, we even bring a tent if you need one. You need extra sitting... we have that and the best part is that we do all the decorating for you! Is that brilliant or what? No more worries just enjoy your celebration.

Following our philosophy an array of mix and match items, old and new, where vintage meets modern. We are having a blast! So here are some pictures and some serving ideas for your next soiree. Send us any ideas if you have one. We will be posting some pictures of our first party.
A Baby Shower! And is a girl! We are going with vintage oriental lanterns, ballerinas, birds on painted branches, Oh My! I can't stand it, it's just deliciously pretty! Oh well I need to stop rambling and go back to work. Will keep you posted!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Peak at pretty!

So this is a peek of our lovely place. We are so proud, sometimes I think that we are professional braggers of our own work, but it is because we love it so much! I am crazy? Well, I think this is good crazy.

I just like to share so much of this pretty, and i am such a slow typer, this will take forever...


Pretty,pretty and more pretty...

Well, although we are not done with the design and look of this blog I just could not wait anymore to get out there and share some pretty things and exciting plans that we are developing. Our little store is just "Blooming" with pretty things and being the imperfect perfectionist that I am, I have decided to let everyone be the obsever of our blog and website transformation. I hope that you enjoy our work as much as we do!