Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Your Majesty please, time to have fun!

Our classroom was blooming last night! The pretty table ready and full of many goodies to choose from, just waiting for our students to arrive.
My three new friends, Susan(birthday girl), Krissy and Wendy celebrated Susan's birthday by dining and then heading to Bloomsbury Loft for cupcakes from Pink Moon (yum) and a Found Treasure Necklace class. They nurture their creative souls by creating this fun necklace.
It is always a joy to watch others loving to play as much as we do!


Fab Five said...


We had such a fun time! You are a joy!

BD Girl Susan

Krissy said...


What an absolutley fantastic time we had at Bloomsbury Loft - not the least of which was spending time with YOU! Thanks again for making our evening so memorable!


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