Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Bloomsbury Studio is open

We have the sign up sheets going and the classes will be lots of fun. Simple sewing projects that keep you wanting more. I worked on these "sweet" patchwork handbags all day yesterday..........I just couldn't stop. I finished one and had to start on another with a different combination of fabrics. It's just too fun!!

And we've all been on a roll with pillow making. Having all these awesome fabrics in the store just makes you want to get your hands on them and spread them around.
Judith and Beth have even caught the sewing fever....the both went out and bought sewing machines, and have been on a crazy sewing frenzy. I guess that's what happens when it's cold and just feels good to stay in with a nice project and make something beautiful.

Class sizes will be small, our space is only so big but we'll make the best of it. These classes will be under $45.00 and everything you need is included. Plus we're planning on giving lots of attention and just having fun.

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