Sunday, July 5, 2009

Teresa Bosko is here!

We are so excited and flattered to have the work of artist, Teresa Bosko available at Bloomsbury Loft. You have to see these for yourself to believe it. These oversize wood sculptures, that she so cleverly named "Hot and House Flowers", are so beautiful and the best part is that they are indoor and outdoor, I l-o-v-e them. She is an amazing artist who lives in Hudson, Ohio and in the coming weeks, you'll see more and more of her blooming collection exclusively featured at Bloomsbury Loft.
Also keep your eyes open and checking our blog, we have new classes that are for sure crowd pleasers. A little teaser... We will be working with jewelry, resin, paper, cloth and as always.....serving cookies and milk. This one is just for your palate's delight only, and much more...

1 comment:

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