Saturday, July 18, 2009

Lemonade for Sale!

Sam and his friends from the "hood", Nolan and Max had
quite an afternoon selling lemonade at the shop.
Their stand was adorable....I suggested the linens and the platter, but they took care of all the supplies and the sign....(i loved the sign!)
They sold through all their cookies....which were completely yummy and only 25 cents.
(Eric, from the Music Cafe would be in big trouble if this went on much longer.)

When foot traffic slowed,they started walking back and forth in front of the store waving their sign and yelling out to passing traffic...
"lemonade for sale.. stop and get your lemonade here."
And I'm not sure how much they drank themselves, but they had use the bathroom quite a bit.

Of course they had to pack things up after about an hour and have lunch.
But they got right back into it.
They were on kool-aid mission.
What a nice afternoon!

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