Sunday, March 1, 2009

Bloomsbury Studio goes to the classroom!

This is how you start a good class!
Oreos and Milk. Yummy!

Ready, set, go....
Our students were excited and eager to get started. They mixed fabrics from our collection to create their own one of a kind pillow. We even went a little crazy and added Bloomsbury flowers to most of them. It was a great morning. Just enough space for everyone and a tray of supplies for each student. (sissors, tape measure and a pretty pin's the little things that make it special)

Our first pillow class!

If I may say so myself, it was a joy!

Everyone had a great handmade treasure when they left and had a lot of fun doing it

and that's what it's all about.


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Sandy and Joe said...

Love the Oreo start -- and the cute pillows! A question from an old post: where did you guys find the cute cans you made into flowers? Let me know! xo -- Sandy/rhubarb reign