Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Our Favorite new piece!

This awesome vintage sofa has been transformed from old and tired to chic and dramatic.
We bought it last season at the Powell Street market, knowing it had potential for something special.

After tearing into it at the store one night, we decided we should seek professional help.
But instead of going the traditional route, (which we couldn't afford) and finding an upholsterer....we took a class and did it ourselves.
Now we have a great new piece and the motivation to find another.
The key is going to be getting one of the "sweet" staplers....
I'm looking for a good deal on one.

The class was at Fabric Farms in Hilliard.
Three weeks 2 nights a week and it's finished.
And it was so fun.

Danny is the instructor for these classes.
He is a great teacher. Funny, sarcastic,( in a good way) and very patient.
Love that in a teacher!
And of course, every good class has snacks. I made sure to make that a requirement.

It's definitely some hard work. And very annoying when something goes wrong and it has to be ripped out and re-done. But and good challenge. Love a challenge, especially when it has a happy ending. We're ready for our next project.

And to make the project even sweeter....we also found this fabric at a flea market.
Made in Italy, a beautiful combination of raspberry and red damask.
We thought the black and white hounds tooth was a great compliment to this fabric.
Are we crazy or is it awesome.....
yes, I agree, It's awesome!


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