Friday, December 12, 2008

New creations by Judith

Judith is on a role with these great "new" necklaces. And, of course, by new I mean new to the store but made with vintage finds. She has incorporated these great vintage pins and embellished with buttons and vintage finds.....They are awesome, and truly unique!
You have to see them up close.

For anyone that's out there... I've updated the newest finds section on the website. You've got to see what's new. Soon our web site will have a link to the blog and also will sport the new look we have created.
Today, I'm working on another slipcover project for an ottoman. Much smaller and easier. It's turning out great. I'm using a combination of two Shabby Chic fabrics I bought over the summer at an awesome sale. I'm actually not sure I'm going to be able to part with it.....I'll keep you updated.
I think I'll also start making some Christmas cookies while I watch one of my favorite movies....which happens to have a Christmas theme.....Love Actually. I totally love all the stories going on in that movie. If you haven't seen really need to.

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