Sunday, May 13, 2012

When children fly the nest!!

This Mother's day was full of emotions as I came back home from the airport after leaving my Natalia who is off to South Korea for a year. She takes on her parent's spirit of travel and adventure. I just wanted to write about on her on this day, since she gave me the tittle of Mami, as she calls me in our Spanish language. After graduating from SCAD, she went to New York to work in a contract as an animator for Fisher Price, after the project ended she decided to have a year of travel and self discovery and this is how she is embarking on this new adventure, she will be teaching English at a small private school and will be traveling all over the place for a year. Our beautiful daughter has always been a joy and pride in everything she does and to be able to say that at 23 she is an independent and confident young lady that dares to be responsibly adventurous!
To my sweetie I say, we love you and we are sooo proud of you. Thanks for making every day a happy mother's day!
{i hope i get to do a little traveling with her}

PS. ...and she redesign my blog and I love it!

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