Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Vintage Marketplace faces!!

I love the set up at this show, we had a lot of room to spread and make it shopper friendly. I had a cozy home set up with a living, office, bedroom and dining area. It was fabulous to have so much room to play!
This cutie girly girl is Olivia, daughter of our neighbor and artist friend Jolie Raimondo, she really had a love at first sight with our style and told her mom they had to re do her bedroom Bloomsbury Loft style as soon as they got home! To start she purchase a snazzy green owl.
And who is the handsome tyed up red hair! Our new friend Heath, stylist to the up and coming new Magazine
Folk! This group has great Plans. I love them they are just sooo cute!

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A Happy, Jolly Girl said...

It was great to meet you Sunday! You have an amazing shop!!