Monday, May 31, 2010

In my way back from lovely Savannah!

So I went to Savannah to pick up my daughter from college and it was really fun to go back again, I really missed @ Home, Liz Demos's store was a jewel I treasured. I visited my other fave TheParis Market and Brocante, how pretty and interesting. The highlight of my trip, my hotel, I was surprised by the comfort and stylish style of this Marriot branch, Springhill suites, I love it affordable and sophisticated!

... it feels like home here,

The Paris Market and Brocante in Broughton Street is dreamy!

And then my hotel so modern and warm at the same time!
The most inviting hotel bed @ Springhill Suites

The fantasy lobbie is so much fun, I loved it here!!!!


Elizabeth said...

So sad I missed your visit. Hope you had a great time and next time send me an email. I'm totally free to have lunch and catch up now that the store is closed.

alee said...

How fun to read this because I too just returned from this lovely city & am doing a trip recap on my blog! Loved Paris Market & was so sad @ Home was closed :(!