Saturday, July 20, 2013

Home Love Fever

It feels great to be back in the routine of things after such a long break!
It has been a very long absence from my blog and I wanted to excuse myself for the lack of communication!
First I will answer the most asked questions ,
1. What have you been doing?
Life, helping my husband recover his health back, and he is improving greatly!
Also taking cared of myself! And a few health issues that are being addressed with lifestyle changes and lots of yoga, (I LOVE IT SOO MUCH)
Also, Moved to a cute but tiny apartment and 2 storage units, in Dublin, ( yes still Ohio!, at least until late winter /spring 2014) as sometimes things do not go as you planned, but everything always works out just great!
2.Are you doing shows or new venues?
I took a long break but I am back in the swing in things! Or at least trying to get there!
Lots of new creations and ideas and a few shows in between!
Also putting a book together!!  Very slow in this process!

POP UP ALERT!!!!!!!!
At the Encircle's space in State st. and Main st., Downtown Westerville!
Friday July 26th from 11am - 8pm for 4th night celebrations!
Saturday July 27 from 10-5
Sunday July 29 from 1-5

More information to come!!! Pictures of my new living quarters!  I turned our apartment into a living art studio!
It took some adjustments but it really makes sense for us right now!

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