Thursday, December 10, 2009

Making a list and checking it twice....

vintage girl tags,
typewriter keys,
beads and crystals,
hand made fabric flowers,
vintage chain,
and misc. findings...
everything is packed and ready for the trinket bracelet class.
and the results were beautiful!

I'm so used to sitting alone and working at my jewelry table. It was so much fun to enjoy the beauty of the littlest things with my students.

Great fun to look through bowls of buttons and trinkets to pick out just the right treasures that tell your own little story. It made them stop and think about some of the goodies at home they could add to their bracelets.

The next scheduled date for this class is December 14th.
Two spots are still available...
Tonight's class with Judith...resin pendants

It's just so fun to sit around and create!!
I loved it as much as the students!

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Beth said...

gorgeous bracelets! so inspiring!