Friday, September 11, 2009

Meet the Teachers

The first day of school is fast approaching....(Country Living Fair) and we are just about ready.
Our "Old School Classroom" is going to be filled with great displays and merchandise. We know most of our blog followers know the classroom teachers, but we thought it would be fun to introduce ourselves. We've been having fun with our classroom theme.
Up next.....Classroom rules (are we getting a little carried away?)

Mrs. Mercado (aka Judith)
The warm and fuzzy one. Will welcome you with her warm personality and Latina charms. Talkative, funny, creative.

Obsessions: re-arranging, fabrics, fabrics, fabrics, fine paper, glitter, a good sale

Mrs.Richman (aka Beth)
Sweet, warm, understanding, strong, determined, obsessive, compassionate. She's every woman. Will go out of her way to help like no other. Has a passion for the beauty of display and attention to detail.

Obsessions: great purses, her dog, Lucy (and her family), her hair, the latest trends, and blogging

Mrs. Furrer (aka Karla)
Resourceful. Can make something beautiful out of just about anything. Has a touch of ADD, will start one project and get a great idea for something else. Lots of energy.

Obsessions: jewelry pieces and parts, fabrics, fashion, flowers and snacks


Sonnie Sue said...

I was in the shop the other day for the first time, and I'm pretty much in LOVE! I also attended the country living fair today and saw even more loveliness....

Anonymous said...

Hello Gorgeous!